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Personal Best

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Update

of Dr. Sheila Bond


Autumn 2011 



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In this issue:

  • Procedure of the Month: Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy
  • Fall Seminar Schedule
  • Fall Back to Perfect Skin  
  • Dysport Rebate  
  • SmartLipo Sale Extended                                                                            
  • Thinking Ahead - Holiday Gift Certificates 
  • Testimonials are Back

 Procedure of the Month - Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month- a time to consider the health of our breasts. Appropriately, the procedure of this month is breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Our patients know that Dr. Bond is known for her breast augmentations, lifts and reductions, but did you know that she also performs breast reconstruction after breast removal due to cancer or other disease?


A breast reconstruction is designed to create a breast that will look and feel similar to a natural breast. This procedure will greatly improve a woman's appearance, self-confidence and quality of life.


There are many options available in performing this procedure; the most common are skin and muscle expansion using a breast implant, and flap reconstruction.


Skin expansion is the most common method. After the mastectomy, an expander is placed below the chest muscle. Over a period of time, the expander is gradually filled with saline solution allowing the skin to stretch slowly and gradually so that the expander can eventually be replaced with a permanent implant. The implants can be replaced in pairs to achieve better shape and symmetry. This gives the patient the option of of deciding her ultimate breast size.


Flap reconstruction allows the breast to be rebuilt using the patient's own natural tissue without the need for a prosthetic implant. The breast mound is completed in one operation and there is no need for expansion over an extended time period. Since the "flap" of skin, fat and muscle is usually taken from the abdomen, the added advantage is that because of the excess skin and tissue removed, the abdomen will be flatter and trimmer.


Following either procedure, the areola and nipple will be reconstructed using a combination of tattooing and grafting to create a more natural look.


Facing reconstructive surgery is a frightening experience for any woman. But in the hands of an experienced and sympathetic surgeon, this difficult journey can be made much easier. Recently, a lovely patient facing reconstructive surgery said as she was leaving our office, "I've been scared out of my wits, but after meeting Dr. Bond, I'm leaving with a smile on my face".


Fall Seminar Schedule

September 27th

SmartLipo - Liposuction with Lasers


* Differences between traditional and SmartLipo.

* Where SmartLipo can be used.

* How laser liposuction works.

* Recovery after both procedures.

* Financial considerations.


October 18

Middle Makeovers 

Tummy Tuck vs. Lipo of the Abdomen


November 15th

All About Breasts 

Augmentations, Lifts, and Reductions


Our complimentary monthly seminars are a great way to meet the doctor and gain an understanding of these procedures. Dr. Bond will answer all of your questions and you'll see "before and after" pictures of our patients. Seats are limited, so please call our office to register for any of these seminars.


Fall Back to Perfect Skin

Has Summer sun taken its toll on your skin? Are you noticing age spots and sun damage that weren't there last Spring? September is the perfect time to begin the Cosmelan skin regimen to remove hyperpigmentation and reveal a fresh layer of smooth, clear skin. New Cosmelan patients will be treated to a 10% discount on their Cosmelan treatment.


Chemical peels and microdermabrasion will also remove the ravages of  the harsh Summer sun, and peels can be very effective in clearing adult acne. Dr. Bond will advise which is best for your skin type. See below how you can get a chemical peel for FREE!


Dysport Rebate- Not Dys-Continued

$50 Manufacturer's Rebate on Dysport treatments - through September 30th.
If your Dysport treatment is a switch from BOTOX ,you'll get an additional $50!

SmartLipo Sale Extended


Due to the popularity of the new SmartLipo procedure, we are extending the 10% discount through the month of October. Our August and September SmartLipo patients are reporting wonderful results! 



Fill Up and Peel Off For Free

Have you developed any new wrinkles over the Summer? Tired of that end-of-summer skin? We are offering a complimentary Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion with every dermal filler (Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse or Juvederm)  in September and October. Microdermabrasion and peels are the perfect complement to skin-smoothing fillers. Call for an appointment to smooth your lines and refresh your Summer-weary skin. Mention this ad when you book your filler appointment to add your FREE peel.

Thinking Ahead ....Holiday Gift Certificates  

Not looking forward to another bottle of perfume or piece of jewelry for Christmas? Start dropping hints to your loved ones now for the gift that lasts a lifetime........a cosmetic surgery procedure. Gift certificates are available in our office for any amount, product or procedure. Drop enough hints and you just might find a Tummy Tuck under the tree.


Testimonials Are Back

 After a few months of a non-working Testimonial page, we are able to take your wonderful testimonial messages. If patients write half the nice things they say in the office, we should be brimming with good news. Please give us your name; it won't be used, but it will allow us to thank you and get your permission to export your thoughts to the doctor rating websites.



October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Remember to check your breasts monthly and have a mammogram as recommended by your doctor.




Personal Best is the property of Dr. Sheila Bond written and edited by Judyann Affronti, Patient Care Coordinator.