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Procedure of the Month


Breast Reconstruction 

When a breast, or a portion of a breast  must be removed due to cancer or other breast disease, this can be an extremely traumatic and painful time for patients to undergo. Thankfully, breast reconstruction enables a patient to restore her self-image.


The goal of breast reconstruction is to create a natural looking breast. There are several different methods of reconstruction to acheive this goal; the type of reconstructive procedure depends on the preference of the patient and the shape of her body.


The two most common procedures are tissue expansion  and TRAM flap. In the tissue expansion procedure, a balloon- like expander is inserted under the skin and chest muscle and periodically filled with saline to gradually expand the tissue to eventually accommodate  a permanent implant. In the TRAM flap, a portion of the abdominal muscle and skin is repositioned to the chest wall creating a blood supply to nourish the reconstructed breast.


Breast Reconstruction surgery is always covered by insurance. A newly reconstructed breast will have a normal appearance and a youthful contour and insurance will also cover surgery to lift, enlarge or reduce the other breast to create a symmetrical pair.



"Fill in Fall" Filler Sale


Did your Summer vacation pics show a few more lines on your face. If the camera didn't lie, come in for a filler appointment in the month of October, and we'll take $50 off your full size (1ml) vial of:






You pick your favorite filler. If you need an additional vial, we'll take $100 off the second vial! 


Boo-Tox Special


Are you haunted by frown lines that might scare little Trick or Treaters? "Frequent fillers" (returning patients) take $100 off BOTOX treatments in October. If you've never tried BOTOX, we'll take $150 off your first treatment! You must purchase a minimum of 25 units to get this discount.



Surgery Donations


In honor of Breast Cancer Awarness Month, Dr. Bond will be donating a portion of the fees from all surgeries she performs in October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.





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 Procedure of the Month:

  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery
  • "Fill in Fall" Sale on ALL Fillers
  • "Boo-Tox" Special
  • Surgery Donations


Autumn Seminar Schedule:


October -

Keeping Your Breasts Healthy


November -

SmartLipo& Cellulaze- Be Slimmer for the Holidays and Ready to Bare Your Legs!


Please call our office for exact dates and time of these informative seminars.



In this month of Breast Cancer Awareness, please remember to check your breasts monthly and schedule your annual mammogram.