Spring 2012

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  • Procedure of the Month: Cellulaze
  • Spring Seminars
  • Juvederm BOGO!
  • New Neostrata Skin Line
  • Breast Augmentation Special
  • Bruise Less with Arnica
  • Easter Greetings


Procedure of the Month - Cellulaze - Laser Cellulite Treatment


Do you hate the “cottage cheese” look of your thighs when you wear shorts or a bathing suit?  Studies estimate that 85% of women have cellulite which can affect any body type and is not a result of overweight. The appearance of dimpled, uneven skin caused by cellulite can appear on the thighs, buttocks, midsection and elsewhere. The dimpling effect on the skin is caused by tiny vertical fibers that form below the skin and pull down through the fat producing an “orange peel” effect.


 Over the years, many lotions, potions and techniques to roll or squeeze out cellulite were invented as solutions to the problem. Frankly, none of them worked.


Enter Cellulaze, a remarkable new laser cellulite treatment from Cynosure, maker of SmartLipo. Now FDA approved, the Cellulaze treatment targets cellulite on your body and can smooth its appearance for one year or even longer. This amazing  procedure was recently featured on "Good Morning America".


The Cellulaze laser technology reduces cellulite by cutting through  the fiber threads that cause skin dimpling. The controlled heat of the laser promotes tissue and skin tightening and helps your body’s creation of new collagen for a smoother appearance.  Unlike other cellulite treatments, Cellulaze is performed in one session and the results can last over 12 months or up to several years. 


Cottage cheese belongs in your refrigerator, not on your thighs. Ask Dr. Bond if you are a candidate for this exciting new procedure.




Spring Seminars


April - Middle Makeovers - Tummy Tuck and Lipo of Abdomen.

May - SmartLipo - Lipo in a Lunchtime.

June - All About Breasts - Augmentations, Lifts, Reductions


Our complimentary seminars are a great way to get to know the doctor and the procedures in a relaxed , informal setting.  Dr. Bond will answer your questions and you'll view "before and after" pictures of our patients. Please call the office for exact dates and to reserve a place for these super informative seminars.



Juvederm BOGO!


Allergan, the manufacturer of Juvederm, has given us 10 beautiful vials of the filler to give away from April 15th to the 30th. Buy one Juvederm and get the second one FREE! Since we only have 10 vials, you must reserve your vials before the 15th and pay in advance. Per Allergan, both vials must be opened, but you can save part of your free vial for a later fill. Don't miss out on this fabulous freebie, call soon to reserve!



SkinActive - New Neostrata Skin Line


If you've gotten good results from the products in the Neostrata line,  you may want to graduate to the new Skin Active line, an advanced, comprehensive anti-aging regimen which specifically targets all visible signs of aging. New products include: Exfoliating Wash, Matrix Support (SPF 20) for skin repair and strengthening, Cellular Restoration and Intensive Eye Therapy to build and plump the skin in the eye area.


Breasts for Less!


If you've been thinking about a Breast Augmentation, now is the time to do it!

$5999 covers Dr. Bond's fee, Saline Implants, Hospital and Anesthesia fees. Surgery must be performed in April or May.


Bruise Less with Arnica


Dr. Bond has long been prescribing Arnica Montana to prevent bruising associated with dermal fillers or surgery. We now have Arnica available for purchase in our office. Pick up an Arnicare Recovery kit before your next Filler appointment and expect to bruise less. One kit will last for many filler appointments.


Easter Greetings


Dr. Sheila Bond and her staff send best wishes for a joyful Easter and a happy Passover to all our wonderful patients.




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