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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Update

of Dr. Sheila Bond

Summer 2011 



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In this issue:

  • Procedure of the Month: SmartLipo with the Cynosure Triplex Laser
  • Secrets of the "Real Housewives" - Fillers
  • Hot Summer Specials: Latisse, Dysport and SmartLipo
  • Summer Wishes

 Procedure of the Month - SmartLipo with New Cynosure Triplex 

 Do you have excess abdominal fat, chubby thighs, flabby arms or “bra rolls” that just won’t respond to diet or exercise? We may just have the perfect solution for you!

 Our practice has just acquired a brand new Cynosure SmartLipo Triplex Laser. This wonderful machine is the upgrade to our current laser which was great for smaller areas of fat, but just got bogged down in the larger areas.  The new SmartLipo Triplex has the ability to remove larger areas of fat from the abdomen, back and thighs with even greater skin tightening ability.

  The procedure is performed using a small cannula (about the size of the tip of a pen) with a laser tip. The laser heats the fats cells causing them to burst and resorb naturally into the body. Fat cells are removed permanently, and collagen is produced to tighten the tissues. Recovery is minimal, just a few days with very little bruising or swelling.

  If you’ve put off a liposuction procedure because of daunting hospital and anesthesia fees, come in and see if you might be a candidate for SmartLipo right in our office.

 Schedule your SmartLipo procedure, and you can be “beach ready” by Labor Day!

To welcome our new Triplex Laser, We are discounting all SmartLipo procedures in August and September by 10%.


Secrets of the "Real Housewives"

Think that the super-rich jump into facelifts at the hint of a wrinkle, just because they can afford it? Not so, say the "Real Housewives of New York" who all admit that none of them have had facial plastic surgery, but maintain their glamourous, youthful looks with BOTOX/Dysport and facial fillers. In fact, in a recent episode, Jill Zarin, the feisty redhead, is shown in the office of a NYC dermatologist getting a Liquid FaceLift and raving about its benefits in keeping her looking young with no downtime or artificial-looking side effects.

There are lots of new uses for facial fillers, other than the typical naso-labial folds, marionette lines lips and crow's feet. A bit of filler injected just below the brow can lift an upper eyelid that is starting to sag. Similarly, it can fill in and help to mask undereye bags. Filler injected at the cheekbones will lift the cheeks and restore fullness to the upper face.

Drooping jowls can be camouflaged with a bit of filler along the jawline. Ageing hands can be plumpled to youthful fullness, and facial indentations can be filled to even out the facial contours.

Our office stocks all of the fillers: Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse and Juvederm. Dr. Bond will advise which product is best for your specific need so that you can share the secrets of the "Real Housewives"!


Hot Summer Specials


Lashes for Less - Latisse BOGO

Wishing for longer, thicker lashes?
Buy one Latisse at full price ($120) and get another at half price ($60).
In addition, we'll tell you the secret of how to stretch 6 weeks of Latisse into 6 months!

Dysport Rebate- Not Dys-Continued

$50 Manufacturer's Rebate on Dysport treatments - July 15th to September 30th.
If your Dysport treatment is a switch from BOTOX ,you'll get an additional $50!

Lipo for Less!

To welcome our new SmartLipo Triplex, we are taking 10% off all SmartLipo procedures in August and September.



Summer Wishes


Dr. Sheila Bond and her staff send our best wishes for a safe and healthy Summer to all of our wonderful patients. Don't forget to use Sunblock!

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