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Summer 2012 Newsletter




Procedure of the Month


BOTOX for Excessive Sweating


Most of our patients know about the use of BOTOX to relax frown lines on the forehead or to soften to the platysma bands on the neck and “crow’s feet” lines at the eyes. A new exciting use for BOTOX is to prevent excessive sweating in the armpits.
Excessive sweating , or hyperhidrosis is caused by the stimulation of the sweat
glands. The injection of BOTOX produces a chemical activity that  interrupts communications between nerve endings and sweat glands to block the production of perspiration.
The procedure is very simple and relatively painless. Powder is applied to the armpits and checked after several minutes for areas of perspiration to determine the exact areas of the sweat glands. A full vial of BOTOX is injected via a very small needle into the skin of each underarm. Normal activity can be resumed immediately, while heavy exercise should be avoided for several hours.
Underarm sweating is decreased by 90% within 48 hours and the full effect will be seen within one week. Most patients will obtain the benefit of dryness with one treatmen for six to ten months. What a blessing especially in the summer heat, and the cost of the BOTOX may be covered by insurance.

Successful Cellulaze


Hate that cottage cheesy look on your thighs and buttocks? So far, we've seen great results from the new Cellulaze procedure, but  understandably, many patients are waiting for cooler weather.


Why not make a consultation appointment with Dr. Bond to discuss the only permanent cellulite removing procedure done right in or office. September is a great time to lose the lumpy-bumpies for a beautiful, smooth contour in short -shorts or a sexy swimsuit. 


* You must reference these specials to get the Special price.


In this issue:

  • Procedure of the Month:
  • BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis
  • Lower Sales Tax
  • Summer Seminars
  • Summer Specials
  • Take Control of Your Weight

Thanks, Gov. Christie!


At long last, the highly unpopular NJ Cosmetic Sales Tax is in its first stage of being repealed. On July 1st, the tax on cosmetic surgeries and procedures will roll back from 6% to 4%. So, if you're planning to have any work done this summer, you'll be able to save a few dollars for a new pair of jeggings or maybe a teeny weeny bikini!       


Summer Seminars


  July - Brazilian Butt Lift 
August - SmartLipo
 September - Cellulaze


Call our office for specific dates and times.


Summer Specials*

  • 10 Units of BOTOX FREE! A $170 value. Buy 20 units of BOTOX, and you'll get an additional 10 free units. For treatments in the month of July, this offer is available  to the first 20 patients who schedule.
  • Is the Summer heat melting your faux eyelashes? Grown your own with Latisse at 10% off in July and August.
  • Hair-less for Less!  Are Summer fashions exposing more hair than skin?  Laser Hair Removal treatments are 15% off in August.

Ready to Take Control?


Whether you're pre or post-surgery, or  just want to get your weight under control, we can help you with a new comprehensive weight loss program in our office. If you're ready to change your lifestyle, call  for information on this exciting program and work with a free personal health coach who will guide you to reach and maintain a healthy, manageable weight and gain improved health for a lifetime.


Stay Safe - Don't Burn


Dr. Bond and her staff wish all of our wonderful patients a safe and relaxing summer. Don't forget to use sunscreen!





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